Pampers' Poster Boy:

At left Max is just 'hanging out' as the sun has gone down and there is no activity out his favorite window. He is on a bench we built for him, to keep him mentally fit with the stimulation of outdoors.........you know, squirrels, birds, especially crows, can get even a paralyzed boy on all fours.

Hamlet makes a great cushion, (below), and this way, Max is the one getting the Vitamin D......smart boy!
This type of scene has always been common with these two, (see other interaction here), and for some reason the quality and quantity seems to be increasing, as though Hamlet is protecting his weaker friend.

In the past, I have read, and been told, that cats have waists. If that were true, I am sure it would be easier to keep diapers on cats!

There are more photos of Hamlet and Max on the main cat page, including where the cat was who belonged in this diaper.